Are you a coach, writer, speaker or other heart based entrepreneur who are growing their business from in person to online services?


As much as you love your business there were always be things that you don’t like doing especially if you have to do it over and over again.


What if you can automate that bit so that you don’t need to worry about it.


Do you really like doing the following every day?

•    Social media
•    Writing and sending Emails
•    Posting Blog post
•    Scheduling appointments

Imagine how much free time you can have if you can systematize and automate some of that.


You can schedule any or all of these things and go on holiday while your business keep on going. Not to mention that automating those things opens up free time for you to concentrate on the things you love to do.


Now you can spend more time helping clients without feeling guilty because your technology and Admin is taken care of.


Do you know that you can earn passively while you are not even working? You can run hands-off launches where you schedule programs or products to come available when you want.


All of that sounds great doesn’t it, but are you getting frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed by the Technology required to set all this up.
Maybe you have tried it and got stuck somewhere and are now ready to give up?

Let me tell you I am here to help you! I love setting up systems and software, but what I like even more is seeing you succeed! I think it’s the smartest thing to do and I am all about being smart and sexy I am out to make automation the super sexy idea it ought to be.

  • I can help you free up your time by defining your processes so that it can be streamlined, systematized, automated and outsourced.
  • I can help you be more productive by using the most advanced software.
  • I can also help you overcome the frustrations on all other aspects of your technology.

What options do you have to work with me?

I have an exciting new way for you to make use of my services.

I offer you Creative Blocks!

How does it work?
Below you will see a list of services I love doing for my clients and the amount of creative blocks needed per service.
All you need to do is to buy the amount of blocks necessary for the service. A block is only $47.

If you are a new client and need something urgently done. Please contact me so that we can make sure I’ll be able to help you in time.

If you need any services on an ongoing basis and want the best value for money You also have the option to become a monthly member.
You can get 3 Creative Blocks a month for $97 and then only pay $37 per any extra block

The following is a list of ideas on how you can spend your creative blocks!

WordPress Design and Development
Custom Designed Dive Child Theme – 15
You provide Premium Theme – 10
Choose from any other Elegant Theme Designs – 10
Setup of a membership site in Optimize Press – 5
Setup of WP-Affiliate plugin to cater for affiliates – 5
Setup a giveaway site for hosting giveaway events – 5

Face Book Ads
Straightforward Facebook Ad (provide image and copy) – 1
Facebook ad plus image design – 2
Facebook ad with Re-targeting campaign – 3

Webinar Setup
Setup Easy Webinar and create webinar – 3
Create Webinar only – 2
Create Webinar on another platform – 3

Sales Funnels
Create Your Lead Capturing Pages – 4
Create your full sales funnel – 6
Only create an email list and Autoresponder Series -2/3

Video editing – Depended on Video length
YouTube Paid Advertising – 2
Setup Video in YouTube and Add Keywords and Cards -2

Social Media
Scheduling of Social Media on platform of choice
Other Social Media

Contact me for more options
I can also teach you or your VA how to do any of these services.

Buy Creative Blocks

Or get the Monthly Subscription

Creative subscription

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