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When we first start our business we might be working all kinds of hours especially when we are still in full time employment. Then when we first take that big leap and quit the day job we might do one of two things:
1. Grab the newfound freedom with open arms and work just when we want to
2. Religiously stick to the office hours we are used to.
When the work starts piling up it might also be the thing we revert to, sticking to a 9-5. Years of indoctrination might let us believe that there is something wrong if we are not working at least that many hours and sticking to more or less an “office” timeframe.
The thing is not everyone is productive at the same time and the whole idea of being your own boss is to give you the freedom to work with what you’ve got.
When I talk about automation, I find that some people seem to think that to “work less hours” or to “automate” is wrong. I can understand where that mindset might come from.
Just imagine being able to automate all your work in the job place and then sitting back with a book. You probably would not last too long!

However when running your own business you should always look at the repetitive tasks that don’t really need your involvement.
Even things like Social Media that traditionally needs your involvement can be automated sufficiently and authentically. You can still write everything yourself. You are still sending out your own message to your own followers. But by automating your business, you open up your time up to do what really matters like:
• Working with your clients
• Having “real” conversations on social media (with your page posts taken care of, you can be more active in the groups for example)
• Create products and programs that will boost your income.

Having to post the same thing to 5 different Social Media platforms is not considered the best use of your time or your VA’s for that matter and the risk of getting sucked into whatever platform you’re visiting is just too great. How many times have you “just nipped onto Facebook” for 10 minutes and then realized that the whole morning has gone?!

Social media is just the obvious example because so many of us do it and that might be the easiest to automate. But there are so many more important aspects in your business that you can manage in a “hands off” way:
• Your back office
• Sales funnels
• Finances
• Launches
Automating these things could mean a significant difference in the hours you need to put into your business and could mean that you could finally wave the 9-5 goodbye and work when your creative genius strikes you.

Automating your business does not mean you will have nothing to do. It does not mean that you’re lazy.
It just means you spend your hours doing the things that makes a difference in your life, your business and to a great extent your client’s life or business.
You spend your days doing the things that truly makes your heart sings knowing that you have the time to be creative and fulfilled.
If this is something that speaks to you be sure to book a complimentary “Hands Off” Session with me. What would your life and business look like if you could free up 10 extra hours a week?

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