How to overcome your fear of technology when starting your online business


Having a fear of technology is quite normal. Technology and especially the Internet can be very temperamental and if you are reliant on this technology to talk or reach clients you can’t be blame if you get anxious when things don’t go as planned. To be honest I’’ve been working with technology for almost 20 years now and even I get heart palpitations every time I have to do something live or even sending out an email. You just never know when the Tech monster is going to hit. And being a supposed Technology Guru makes mistakes a bit unforgiving

So if you want to take or start your business online how do you overcome this? The whole idea of working online is the freedom lifestyle and to love what you do while helping and reaching as many people all over the world. So how do you do this when you get cold sweat every time you open your laptop?

Lets look at some ideas that might help you overcome your Technophobia, of course a phobia like this can be a serious condition and some people might suffer from it quite extensively but for the average online business owner the following ideas although in no way extensive might help elevate some of the symptoms

Get help and support
It sounds obvious but getting someone to have a look at what you are trying to do or just have them on call during a webinar or important event can be a serious life saver. You can get a VA or Technology coach or strategist to assist you with the things that you find really scary and to be by your side when you really feel the pressure.

Learn as much as you can
Getting more educated on anything give you the confidence that you know something about it and eliminate the limiting believe that you are “terrible with technology” or something similar. You do not need to know everything just the basics about those things that you use on a regular basis. There are a lot of online courses or membership sites that can help you. You can also hire a coach or VA to teach you exactly what you need to know on a 1:1 basis.

Control the things you can
Like most things in life there will always be some part left to chance, but try and eliminate the impact of these things by being in control of those things that you can control. Make sure your laptop is charged or plugged in, that you have your tools ready. That you know where everything is, that you have everything open and ready that you need to use and that you have closed down all unnecessary applications to safe on memory and processing speeds.

Use the best quality software or tools.
It is very important that you always use the best quality software and tools that you can afford. Better quality software can help reduce bugs and crashes enormously and make life a lot easier for you. Better quality software also usually have great support. Knowing that you have someone helping you with software issues can be very comforting. Before buying software read reviews and posts in Facebook (Just search for the Software name) and note what people are saying about the support. The same rule exists for hardware like microphones and cameras – knowing that you have the best quality equipment that integrates seamlessly with your software can be truly reassuring.

Practice, practice, practice and Test test test
Being prepared will alleviate a lot of the problems associated with technophobia. Ensure that you know exactly what you need to do and practice and test everything before hand. Do not leave anything unchecked. Before you send out an email click on every link, test that pages are still up and running and that integrations are still working. Even if you’ve tested it before do it again or ask someone to do it for you.

Finally, no matter what you do accept that things can go wrong and that it has gone wrong for even the top people in your field. People do understand and if you just offer a solution as soon as possible no harm will be done.

If you want any support with your webinar, launch or even sending out email or if there is something specific that you are struggling with and need information or tutoring, do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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