How To Get Content Ideas for Blog and Social Media Posts

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Another installment for my Tech Tip Thursday Theme

This is a small part of my  Content Creation Camp where I talk about how to find themes or topics to write about. There are different ways you can investigate what to write about.

In some cases your clients will give you direction by asking you questions or something might be trending in your market making it an easy option.

Other times it might be harder to come up with suitable ideas and in those cases follow the direction on the video and you would get an overflow of ideas.

You can watch the video for more information.


Please let me know if you found it helpful and share any other ideas you might have to help you.

2 Responses to How To Get Content Ideas for Blog and Social Media Posts

  1. Some of the ideas you share are very new for me and when I saw you post this on FB, I did take a look and started to search out and try some of them. I look forward to using these ideas in the moments where I am looking for fresh new ideas for either social media posts or even for blog ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I now mostly write about what fans, followers and customers are asking on social media or on the blog. But there was a time I did not have many ideas for my blog and I always turned to places online to see what seems to be of interest. I used Quora a lot and get lots of inspiration from people’s questions there. Your vide is definitely helpful, Anchen!

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