#ContentCreationChallenge Day 4 — Creating Beautiful Images


Day 4 of the Content Creation Challenge and today we are going to create our amazing images!

The periscope didn’t work out but I’ve created a video for you.
I will also put a video demo in the facebook group showing you how to create your images in bulk.

The final step in creating content that is exciting and magnetic is the creation of beautiful images.

Either as stand-alone posts for Pinterest or Instagram, quotes for Facebook or complimentary to your blog posts.

Graphics that are consistent with your company’s established image increase your audience engagement by creating familiarity.

You need to decide on your branding colors and stick to it
Your images needs to be consistent with your branding across all platforms. The more attention you receive for this particular brand the more people will be drawn to you. Stay with your style of images and use consistent fonts. So that is another thing that you need to decide on which fonts to use. If possible buy a font that you love and use it across all platforms.

Always be sure to add your website address or logo to images and keep the placement uniform for all images.

This important to brand your images and so that they can be traced back to their source when posted on different platforms.

As Humans, we connect emotionally to images even more than video, audio or text. People make decisions and take action quicker when prompted by images, rather than having to read a lot of text.

You can get good quality stock photos online. There are a lot of different free and lower prized sites. For instance Dollarphoto club and Creative Market. Or alternatively if possible use your own photos.

I will also place a link in facebook to a list of all the best resources for inspiration, fonts and images.

Remember Pic Monkey and Canva are helpful sites to help you create great branded images, quote posts and images for blog posts through simple editing techniques.

I’ve placed a link to a great free training in the email and I really encourage you to have a look at that. It’s called Clever with Canva from an amazing lady called Nicholette von Reiche

Basically everything I’ve done and created for the challenge was encourage by this free training.

Like most things when it comes to content creation I encourage you to create images in bulk. It makes things a lot easier. – I’ve added a video to the facebook group to demo how I did it for the challenge and for theme days in my facebook group.

If you don’t have the time to create your own branded image you can go to a site like Fiverr and have someone edit the image for you. Alternatively have a look at graphic design contest sites like 99 design

Remember that images are really important to set the mood of your content.

You want to build engagement and encourage the sharing of your content by having great graphics.

If you’ve been enjoying the challenge so far I want to invite you to have a look at the content creation camp. It starts the 1st of April and if you go there now you can still get the early bird pricing. I can assure you that it will be way more valuable than the price charged.

This camp is very different from most trainings out there and it’s more of a workshop where you will be guided to plan out create and then schedule your content all for 12 weeks.

You can go to the thecontentcreationcamp.com to have a look at that. This will be the 4th time I’ll be running this camp but the added bonus this time around is that I’m going to give extra attention to not only creating the content for your social media platforms but also having a solid social media marketing plan in tact with having you profiles set up perfectly and having a plan to grow your audience and followers.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the challenge and we’ll talk all about re-purposing and re using out content for different platforms. I will also have something fun for you as a sort of bonus to the challenge but I will tell you all about that tomorrow.

The Content Creation Camp is starting April 1! Sign up now to get early bird pricing!

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