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What is the secret to authentically automated webinars?

Authentically Automated Webinars









Authentically Automated Webinars

When it comes to authentically connecting with your clients, nothing does this as well as a webinar. Ok maybe a phone call is even better and that is an option and a post for another day, but when you need to address a big group, webinars are the way to go. It converts at a really high rate and establish you as an authority in your field. The thing is your clients can connect and know you and decide if they trust and like you. All by listening and seeing you.

Technology has made it possible to now have automated webinars and this is an amazing thing as long as you don’t lose the benefits of having a webinar. Being the queen (self-proclaimed) of authentic automation I have a few ideas of my own.


Why would you want to have an automated webinar? 

  • Firstly the obvious reason is to run the whole set it and forget it style of sales funnel. You place ads on Facebook and Google to drive interested parties to an opt-in for a webinar. They can choose when they want to watch it and might even watch a replay straight away. They have the same excitement and connection of a life webinar and timed Call to actions and Scarcity tactics redirect them to a sales page. This can be brilliant when done correctly. Most people know that in this case it is an automated webinar and it is still more authentic than traditional styles of marketing.
  • You can also use technology for a product launch. Having a whole Launch funnel setup with automated webinars and then ending with a life one with call to action.
  • There is however also other uses where you are genuinely participating in the event but just leveraging the technology. For first time webinar hosts it is sometimes daunting to go on life especially when thinking about all the technology mishaps that can happen. Rather than avoiding it all together having a hybrid type of webinar might be an option.
  • If you live in a country, like I am, where electricity and internet failure are very common and the internet not trustworthy at times. Having the knowledge that your webinar is all setup and ready to go is amazing.


Knowing this how can you make it more authentic?

  • If you are using a tool that can do hybrid webinars like Easy Webinar or the new Webinar Jam Studio, you can go on life and say hello, and then stream the recording, you can also answer questions at the end and say goodbye.
  • Most of the technologies also let you chat in real-time. This can be an excellent option if internet or electricity is an issue as you can participate from your phone in worst case scenarios.
  • Tell your audience that it is an automated webinar and explain to them why you are using it and what the benefits are.


Tools to use

Luckily there are an ever growing amount of tools that will let you do automated webinars. Unfortunately not all of them let you do hybrid webinars therefor my favorite one at the moment is  Easy Webinar Others include,,, and The new Webinar Jam Studio also now has an automated component. Unfortunately you have to pay extra for it.

Most of these have the option to integrate with a chat features, depending on the type you can integrate with Chatwing, Lifefire, Facebook or Twitter chat.

You can create your video with Camtasia, Screenflow or a free program called Screencast-O-Matic and upload it to Youtube, Amazon S3 or anyone of the other video hosting services.


Finally another way to make the most of your webinar

If you do decide to use a software similar to Easywebinar, you can also run the following high converting event sequence:

  1. Start of by having a life event.
  2. You can then re-broadcast the event later the day or following day while still being on life manning the chat. .
  3. Have the replay up for a limited time.
  4. Covert the life event into an automated event that is evergreen and get streamed in real time.

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