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The Photographer’s or Videographer’s guide to Creating Freebies

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The huge advantage you as a photographer or videographer have is that you are constantly creating content. And not just any content, you are truly creating works of art that you can share with your audience. When it comes to deciding what you need to create to giveaway in return for your leads email it can be a bit more tricky You might have a lot to offer but you don’t just want to collect email addresses. You ultimately need to give something that is going to put the lead on the correct path to end up buying from you. So before you decide what you want to offer you need to determine two things.

Firstly who is your ideal client? Who do you want to work with? Is it a bride, a Mom an Entrepreneur – each of them will be attracted by different things. So it will be easy for you to attract your ideal client when you plan your freebie accordingly. You can of course also attract a more general client by offering a general freebie like a discount voucher. This is the beauty of it all. You are in charge, you decide who you want to attract.

The second thing you need to decide on is what do you want them to ultimately do. Do you want them to book a studio photo shoot, Hire you as videographer or photographer for there wedding or Hire you to take their corporate head shots? Again you can guide them towards this by the freebie you want to offer. Eg If you offer an eBook on how to look absolutely great on you wedding photos you will attract would be brides, if you offer a free sample testimonial video you will attract corporate clients wanting to create video.

With these two questions answered you can start working backwards, you know who you want and what you want them to do, so start brainstorming different things that you can offer them. Make a list of 10 things that you can think of straight away. Depending on your answers these things can include anything from:

  • EBooks or Special Reports
  • A Video showing something specific
  • Email Video series
  • Checklist
  • Photos
  • Live Webinar and Automated or recording
  • Cheat-sheet
  • Template
  • Workbook
  • Blueprint
  • Infographic
  • Case study or Your own story
  • Email Tips
  • Video Tips
  • Chapter from your book
  • Your Full Book
  • Assessments and Quizzes
  • Physical Products like DVD or Printed Photo
  • Tool Kit or Success Bundle
  • Run a Challenge on Facebook or via Email

Once you have come up with different ideas, mark those you feel excited about or that you feel you can do quickly. Also think of what you already have that you can use. You might use it as a basis to build something from or you might use it as is. You might also be able to bundle up a few different things to create something new.
You are now ready to create your Freebie. Remember that even though it is free it needs to look really professional. It’s a taster of your work even though it might not be related to your work. Therefor get help with all the things not in your zone of genius. You might be a pro in Photo Shop but In Design might not be your forte. You can use Freelance sites like Upwork or Freelancer You can even use Fiverr if you have a good referral . Once you’ve created your Freebie you will be ready for your next step.

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