#ContentCreationChallenge Day 5 — Repurposing and Reusing Your Content

Day 5 Re-Using and Repuposing of content
Although we know that creating quality and unique content is really important we always want to keep in mind in what ways you can re-use this content on as many platforms as possible.
The format of the post on different platforms might vary a little and the sizes of the images might change, but the core of your article can be used on all these platforms. This will increase your reach and productivity.
For example an article can easily be converted into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. You can turn this into videos by adding your voiceover.
On the other hand when doing audio like podcasts and interviews you can get it transcribe by someone on fiverr or rev.com to create articles.
Once you have your videos you can share it on video sharing sites.
You can share your slides on Slide Share.
You can share your posts and articles on blogging platforms.
A lot of people don’t know that they can actually share their posts on at least 3 other places just as it is.
The first one is LinkedIn. You can create a post on Linked in and just copy your blog post in.
The second platform Is medium.com and up and coming platform for article sharing – post on here is called stories. There is even a way to just import your blog post on there. The great thing about these sites is that you can have video, images and call to actions in your posts.
The last one is Facebook notes. Facebook notes is similar to the posts on LinkedIn. You will find it in your personal profile if you go to more.
Besides sharing it to these places you can also share it to Reddit Stubleupon, twitter, google+ and your blog images to Pinterest and Instagram.
Another good way to reuse your content is to break down long form content into smaller pieces for social sharing.
You can share a sentence on Twitter, create a quote image for Pinterest and Instagram from a line in your article, or share a paragraph or idea on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.
You can also create an infographic from your ideas in the post and have a whole round of posting and sharing again.
For this challenge I wrote out an outline of what I wanted to say I then did a live periscope event and saved the periscope and uploaded it to Youtube.
I wrote an article from the outline – but I could’ve also got the periscope transcribed on Rev.com where it is $1 a minute with a quick turnaround time.
I posted the article on FaceBook and I also posted the video plus the article on my blog. After a few hours or day I posted the same video plus post on medium.com and LinkedIn posts.
I shared the link back to my page out to my fb business page, twitter and google+.
Reformat to Create a eBook or actual book.
You can use old articles, podcasts, interviews or webinars to create ebooks or books from. Nina Amir has a training that she teaches you how to Blog a book or book a blog. Blogging a book is where you deliberately set out to write you book on your blog and booking a blog is where you go through your blog and create a book from that.
Revisit Old Blog Posts and share them out to different platforms. You can use a plugin like Revive old posts or similar. You can also go and share posts to LinkedIn or Medium.com
Another way to use old posts is to rewrite them for a different audience. I have for example a post that I wrote for photographers on creating freebies but that same posts can be rewritten for VA’s graphic designers or coaches.
By using this method, you will be able to reach out to more people on different platforms and sites to draw them back to your content and website.
Considering the ideas discussed before on repurposing your content, decide how you are going to create content and in what different formats you would want to repurpose it.
Doing this simple step will help save you time and make the sharing of your information far easier and will help you achieve a far better reach when sharing your entries with people. Doing this will help attract people to you, your website, blog, and expertise.

I have something fun for you. Next week Wednesday will be the official end of launch party for the content creation camp in the FB group – any of you who have been to any of me or Sunita’s FB parties know that it a lot of fun. With music and prizes and special offers!

So the idea behind this specific party is to now go and finish creating your content if you are a bit behind no problems – Try and get it all done before Wednesday – I’ll be sending out a complete resource document with all the links to the videos and write ups and all the resources and printables in one document – somewhere over the weekend.

So schedule some time for that and then come and join us on the party and we will share out content and talk more about the scheduling and automation of blog posts and social media posts.

I want to remind you that the Early Bird Pricing for the Content Creation Camp will end on Sunday night so go Join Now!

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