You know there are software and systems that can streamline your business but you are struggling to find the right solutions.

You are tired of working all hours on your business and know that there has to be a way to save time.

You feel disappointed because you keep doing things just in time and keep repeating the same tasks in different ways.

You don’t want to have to ask for help or do a massive course for each piece of technology you want to implement.

You want someone to come along and tell you what you need to do in your business to work less and earn more.

I am raising my hand and screaming pick me, pick me, I am here to help you. I am Anchen le Roux an automation enthusiast, Tech Strategist and Systems Developer.  Yes I am a bit of a geek. I’ve studied BCOM Information Systems and went on to do an Honors Program in BSC Information Technology. I’ve worked in the Corporate World for more than 13 years designing, developing and implementing Systems for International companies, which means I can get your small business running as efficiently as a large corporation with the big difference that it’s highly personalized and totally sexy.  (Ok so automation isn’t that sexy but it should be and I’m going to change all of that)

When the last of my 3 babies was born, I decided that I need to scale down and use what I’ve learned to help entrepreneurs. I earned a Business Coaching qualification and  I now work with other coaches, speakers, authors and heart based service providers   I am passionate about helping my clients get past the overwhelm of working with technology, make the right decisions for their business and to automate and systemize processes

I give entrepreneurs’ super-practical, actionable guidance so they can

  • define the processes in their business,
  • implement strategies to streamline and
  • systemize those processes and then
  • Automate or outsource anything that they do not absolutely love doing.

Implementing a system that will work for you does not have to be daunting. We can work together to define your greatest needs or implement a strategy together.  I can even do it for you.  Yes I am also the founder of Simply Web Design if you want a Done For You Service.

To Learn how you can work with me CLICK HERE

Do you want to know more fun stuff about me?
I live in my beautiful birth country South Africa at the moment, but have lived and worked in England, Australia and New Zealand
As said before I am the proud mommy of  2 girls ages 10 and 4 and a little boy age 2
Some People think I love implementing systems because I am super-efficient but those that know me best say it’s because I’m totally lazy (I of course disagree whole heartedly)
I am in the process of writing two books my “ultimate guide” titled Secrets of the High Tech Entrepreneur: Steps to your automated dream business. And the first book in my Kindle Series for Coaches, The latter might actually get published.
I am still working a day job as a GIS Systems Developer. I get very excited implementing Census systems for African Countries, which again proves how big of a geek I am.

I’ve realized none of these facts might be fun for other people and that I should seriously consider getting exciting

Discovery Session

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